Your private party is in excellent and passionate hands

  • Our approach

  • Quickly after we started our business, our guest asked us if we could organize their private parties in our guest house.
    It is true that we are easily accessible, we have ample parking space and are situated in beautiful scenrey with lovely views, breathing modern, romantic atmosphere. Combine all this with a warm welcome, delicious food, (hopefully) beautiful weather and you will find yourselves enjoying a delightful party! This is enhanced by the fact that the hosts (for groups of over 20 people) are the sole guests of this location. This exclusivity is highly appreciated because it invites to laugh out loud or to start singing or bringing inspired speeches, without any hesitation. We can even show your photo coverage on a large screen. We will be happy to help organize any relaxing or entertaining activity for you or your guests.

    Since a large deal of our assets disappear at nightfall, we have decided not to organize the classic evening parties. So all family parties, baby showers, communion parties or marriage jubilees, or even marriages themselves are organized from noon till late in the afternoon. And this formula has worked perfectly for all our previous guests! If bad weather is announced or you are with a large groupe, we can set up a luxury party tent of 50m² (on stone floor). This of course comes at an extra cost for rental, installation, …

    For those who wish to spend the night, we can prepare delicious sandwiches for you in the evening.

    We can offer various formulas: from seated multi-course dinners to luxury bbq buffets (which by the way is our specialty!). The key-word for your party is that everything is organized in a cosy atmosphere. When you come to discuss your party, we will be happy to explain what it means to us.

    Since we want to strictly guarantee the quality of each party, the catering comes from our own kitchen, unless otherwise convened.