Is there room for us?

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can we choose what we want te eat?Help, I am vegetarian or allergic to… We have designed our menu offer so that you can compose your party dinner yourselves, following your taste and budget. For kids we charge less and/or prepare something to their taste. Do not forget to tell us well in time if there are vegetarians or people with food allergies among your guests. Please choose one first and main course and one dessert per group (of adults).

    Can I cook myself or bring my own caterer? Unfortunately not. We are responsible for the success of your party and the foor is an important part of this. We are however sure that we can offer something to your liking.

    Can we danse after dinner? Our location, surroundings and infrastructure are at their best during the daytime. That is why 95% of all parties are organized starting from noon till the late afternoon. If after the main course you want to organize some sort of activity or animation, this is of course possible. We can even help you with some of our own ideas. A dance party cannot be organized in our guesthouse because we want to maintain our excellent realtionship with our neighbours and also our own health.

    Can we smoke? Are pets allowed? Indoors smoking is not allowed. Pets are not allowed, except for dogs escorting the blind.

    Can I bring my own wines, champagne, …? Yes, allowing for a fee to be agreed with Tom.

    Can we spend the night? Of course! We can even prepare you a delicious sandwich at night. Do reserve well in time. We can help you to 18 extra rooms in the village.

    How do we pay? Ideally you wait for your detailed bill. We can also mail you an invoice. Please transfer the money within the week.