the specialty of the house : guided vespatours

  • find oud why we’re still the nr1 in guided vespa tours

  • The specialty of the guesthouse … discover the Flemish Ardens on a Vespa.

    Individual rental (with laid-out routes, max. of 5 vespas) of Vespas, VAT included:
    50cc: 1 Vespa is at 79€ per day.
    125 cc: 1 Vespa at 89€ per day.
    Complete day: 10 AM till 5 PM.

    Guided group tours as of 6 Vespas (125cc- 1 or 2 persons per Vespa). We have day, afternoon or evening programs taking you along Flanders’ most picturesque roads or crossing the mythical hills of the Tour of Flandres. Since you have a guide along with you, you can enjoy the tour without any stress, even if you have never driven a Vespa before. If you are interested we will be glad to send you a made-to-measure proposal. But do read on below first!

    What are the minimum requirements of a Vespa tour?
    You have to be in the possession of a motor or car drivers license for more than 2 years. In any other case we will not be able to help you. For drivers under 1.60m or couples of over 180kgs (100kgs for 50cc) driving a Vespa will be too dangerous.

    What is included in the price of an individual or group Vespa tour?
    – an original red 50cc or 125cc Piaggio Vespa
    – suitable helmets
    – petrol and unlimited driver range (within the allowed time range)
    – your insurance (exemption of 750€ per Vespa)
    – various stops in typical bars along the road (own budget)

    For the guided tours:
    – an experienced guide with his own Vespa, helping you at the start of your first Vespa tour and ginving technical assistance during the ride. He will lead the way through Flanders’ most beautiful scenery, so you can enjoy it to the full!
    – a delicious lunch with a drink (for all guided daytrips)
    – some information on the region and typical features along the way (for all daytrips)

    Can I also ride a Vespa without a guide?
    Yes, you can. A maximum of 4 Vespa’s per client. 1 or 2 helmets per Vespa. Nicely laid-out routes or why not set out your own route ( or rent a GPS?
    Please note that for tours in the Flemish Ardens we advise you to rent 1 Vespa per person since a 50cc is not strong enough to climb the Flemish hillside. Experienced motorriders can rent a 125cc and take a passenger (together 160kgs).

    What is the price?
    Individual rental: see top.
    For the guided tours we deliver made-to-measure proposals. The price will vary according to the chosen program (half a day, complete days or evenings), catering (with or without breakfast, lunch and/or evening meal), the number of Vespas, etc.

    What clothes do you have to wear?
    By law you are required you to wear gloves, solid shoes, long trousers and a wind- and waterproof jacket. If temperatures are below 18 degrees, take an extra pullover along. When it’s sunny, take your sunglasses but do not forget your jacket since a trip on a Vespa is not a calm walk in the sunshine.

    How many people do you have to be in order to form a private group? can yo start the ride from other locations?
    As from 5 Vespas this is possible. per 10 vespas there will be 1 guide. If you start from a different location (home, work, …) we will add an extra transport fee.

    What insurance is included?
    Our Vespas are insured (own Vespa and damage to third parties). Take note that there is an exemption of 750€ (to be paid by you in case of an accident). No insurance for own bodily harm is included.

    What can you expect when I book a Vespa tour?
    Through e-mail we arrange the time and date of the dour, the starting and end location, any catering and the number of Vespas. At the same time you will receive a contract where you will fill out the ID data of all participants (to be filled out in advance, except for surprise parties). Do not forget your credit card … for the guarantee. Otherwise you will have to pay cash.

    Can I spend the night somewhere before or after my trip?
    you are of course always welcome at our guesthouse, provided we still have a room available. Do not wait to book weel in advance since for weekends we are often completely booked.